How Rich Is The Cast of The Big Bang Theory

28 April 2016

9. Kevin Sussman (Stuart Bloom): $3 Million net worth

How Rich The Casts of The Big Bang Theory Are Kevin Sussman Stuart
How Rich Is The Cast of The Big Bang Theory : Kevin Sussman (Stuart) – $3 Million net worth | source: screenweek.it

Next up is the guy who portrays Stuart Bloom. He is the owner of a comic book store where the four main guys usually go to. Stuart is one of the most occurring additional characters but he is never really a part of the group. They even joked about that fact in several episodes.

Kevin Sussman appeared in 48 episodes of the series. He is been reoccurring since the first season, up until today. He provides interesting plot into the main characters’ plot too.

He was once living with Mrs. Wolowitz to take care of her while she was injured. They got weirdly close and made Howard uncomfortable. Even upon her passing, he was still living in the house.

Kevin Sussman has net worth of $3 million. Not bad for someone who portrays a sad loner. Although he is not one of the main cast of The Big Bang Theory, Kevin is definitely an important part of the series.

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