The Rich Kids Of Instagram Respond To Haters: “You guys are just jealous!”

18 February 2015

The Rich Kids Of Instagram Respond To Haters: “You guys are just jealous!”

A few days ago we published a funny article on what the average person lives like compared to the super wealthy and it didn’t take long for the Rich Kids of Instagram to respond to Haters: “You people are just jealous”.

If this is the first time you hear about them, they describe themselves as part of an elite network of world travelers that get to enjoy the finest things life has to offer.

They document their lives on instagram and other social networks sparking both the admiration and envy of their followers. You will mostly see them enjoying the most expensive champagnes at some of the most exclusive parties and always traveling in style.

While we definitely not condone embracing this Ealuxe lifestyle, most people despise them for flaunting their wealth and still considering themselves like everybody else on the popular social network.

The young millionaires that everybody loves to hate these days point out that they are not bragging, but acting just like everybody else on instagram, the difference is just in the price tag of everything that is posted.

Whenever they post their latest luxury car acquisition or the exquisite meals they get to enjoy their haters are ready to show up. The rich kids of instagram even have a word for it: Lemonade

In a recent interview one of them stated:

‘My favourite Instagram caption would be ‘Lemonade, Lemonade.’ It’s when other people are jealous or ‘look sour’ about something we do, it’s like Lemonade.’

So who are these kids and how come their lives are so lavish?

Some of them were born into money, while others run million dollar companies or trading empires.

One of them is Andrew Warren (@adwarren), son of a New York real estate tycoon pointing out the following:

“I don’t think I should be judged for posting a photo like eating caviar at Claridge’s in London while it’s okay for someone to post a picture at McDonald’s”

Rich Kids of Instagram Ealuxe Andrew

Andrew acknowledges that he comes from a wealthy background, his grandfather made a fortune in the fashion industry with his father growing the empire by expanding into real estate and investments.

He’s starting his one clothing line called “Just Drew” and says he doesn’t do it to get attention.

I feel like a lot of Instagram accounts which have rich kids or whatever are trying to seek attention because they don’t get enough at home or from people in real life.

And when I post photos of my girlfriends it’s not like most guys who post unclassy hookers.

My girlfriends – although they’re all really pretty – come from good families who happen to have money and most of them are really smart, coming from really good schools.

rich kids of instagram respond to haters ealuxe

Part of the elite group are also sisters Lana (@1lanascolaro) (20) & Stephanie Scolaro (23), which were born in the “global scene” living between Monaco, New York and London.

There’s like one big clique which is kind of global, who travel. We go to all the most exclusive parties and clubs. ~ Lana

rich kids of instagram respond to haters lana scolaro

They use their social empires to promote their two high-end businesses, Lana Scolaro Diamonds – a Jewelry company and Stephanie runs her own fashion business.

Because of their high profile the sisters are invited to the most exclusive parties around the world and mingle with plenty of celebrities.

Due to their popularity the two sisters are currently considering having their own tv show:

I’m thinking of making my own TV show with my sister. We got approached in LA, where we have a lot of friends who are in movie production. They wanted to make a reality TV show about us. ~ Stephanie

rich kids of instagram respond to haters lana and stephanie ealuxe

Using their celebrity connections the girls are growing both their fortunes and their fame.

If the first two were born into money or at least more reliant on the familial fortune, in the case of Tomer Sror (@tomer_sr) the story is quite different.

He’s a 26 years old trader that makes “thousands of dollars” in minutes and he’s not afraid to show off his earnings.

He started trading when he was 18 and opened his own office when he turned 22.

I use Instagram to inspire and motivate people in my age and see what I achieved by hard work and a lot of ambition.

rich kids of instagram respond to haters trader ealuxe

Life as a high stakes trader is incredibly tense, so the Israeli-born needs to get away from everything now and then in order to dose off.

It’s funny because a lot of people could get the wrong impression about me and call me a bragger and ‘show off’ but the truth is that I’m not trying to make anybody jealous.

He definitely knows how to enjoy himself!

rich kids of instagram respond to haters trading for money moet ealuxe

Although they are just a few of the hundreds of people labeled as the rich kids of instagram, showing their lives online one needs to sit back and think about how did they get to where they are today and how are they behaving right now.

Even if you find this unfair most of these kids work extremely hard from a young age and although some of them had a head-start they didn’t settle.

Using the resources they have at hand they’re growing their fortunes and developing themselves as individuals.

Now ask yourself: if you were in the same situation wouldn’t you do the same?

When people like you, Aluxer, look at these lifestyle you should feel even more determined to expand into the marketplace and leave your positive footprint!

If you didn’t yet see the funny campaign mocking them feel free to check it out here: Romanians Mock the Rich Kids of Instagram and the Result is Hilarious

Let us know what is your take on the issue? Should we hate/envy/be motivated by them, or just mind our own?