15 Things Rich People Pay a Million Dollars For

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    It’s No Big Deal for the Rich to Spend Millions of Dollars in One Go. Here Are 15 Such Examples.

    Bill Gates has so much money that even if he decides to spend a $1 million a day for 350 years, he would still have change. He holds roughly the equivalent buying power in millions of the average persons $1.

    At Alux we know that the first million is the hardest to make, but after that all future billionaires know with the right wisdom you will start accumulating millions like kids collect Pokémon.

    So we thought we would get some inspiration from 15 examples of how the rich and famous drop a cool million.

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    Reading this long article is a million times boring than watching the interesting video version of this text:

    With that said, let’s move forward with the article.


    George Clooney Gave $1 Million to 14 Friends

    The hot doctor took a minute when he was in his early 50s to say thanks to 14 friends who helped him on his rise to stardom. His close friends and family were already in his will, but he wanted to leave something to those that let him sleep on their couches or loaned him money to spend when he was a broke struggling actor. Without them he felt he wouldn’t have what he had.

    So, in a total baller move, he withdrew $14 million in cash, crammed it into Tumi bags and with the help of an assistant and security guards, hired a white van and went to deliver the loot like a mafia Santa to 14 unsuspecting old chums.


    Logan Paul Bought an NFT for $1 Million

    Boxing personality, Logan Paul lives a colourful existence, and he isn’t one to shy away from investing his winning dosh and living large. Recently he announced that he had invested in NFT’s.

    Or as he put it on Twitter: “Dropped $1M on NFTs this past week.”

    If you’re still not sure what NFT’s are, our video will help:


    6ix9ine Paid $1 Million for a Chain

    Rapper 6ix9ine posted some entertaining brags on Instagram on Feb 21, 2021, about his latest accessory. The rapper captioned the post: 1,000,000 DOLLARS ON A CHAIN,” with money bag emojis. “BEST CHAIN IN THE F——G GAME.” And it goes on.

    In the unboxing video using “colourful language” 6ix9ine gives us tour of some of the chain’s features. The spinner features a colourful gem encrusted flower with large teeth in the centre. Of course, the chain also features his favourite number, 69 and a ton more frosting.

    For the ultimate baller move, stick around to the end to find out about buying some solid property.


    Huang Zitao Bought a Watch for $1.2 Million

    Chinese K-pop idol, Huang Zitao, doesn’t exactly sing for his supper. The former Exo member inherited US$3 billion from his dad Huang Zhongdong.

    He is known for dropping large sums on cars and private jets, and his designer fashion habits.

    Recently he dropped $1.2 million on a watch. The Richard Mille RMS10 is a timepiece extraordinaire. It features a Koi Carp tourbillon face in a white ceramic case. 

    If you are interested in expensive watches, check out These are the Most Expensive Watches in the World Right Now.


    Nicholas Cage Bought a Comic Book for $1 Million Dollars

    The one-faced wonder is no stranger to spending his money on strange purchases. Nic cage once spent $150 000 on an octopus he was convinced would help with his acting. We’re not sure if he got his money’s worth from his “Octopus Teacher” but a later purchase certainly paid off.

    The actor bought a mint condition 1938 Action Comics #1. This is the book that introduced us to Superman. Sadly, the Comic book was stolen along with a larger comic collection in 2000. But in a happy turn of fate, in 2011 the stolen first edition was recovered by LA Police in a storage locker in the San Fernando Valley.

    Nicholas Cage sold the comic for $2.1million, a profit we’re sure he is happy about, however judging by his facial expression, no one can be sure.


    Holly Madison Insures Her Breasts for $1 Million

    Like we always say, insure your assets. And that’s what Las Vegas performer, Holly Madison did. She hedged her bets and insured her…assets…for a cool million. Not strictly dropping a million on the policy, but she definitely had to pay Lloyd’s of London a decent sum for the insurance policy on her twin peaks.

    As Madison explained to PEOPLE magazine: “They’re my primary money makers right now. Because if anything happened to my boobs, I’d be out for a few months and I’d probably be out a million dollars.”


    Rush Limbaugh Paid Elton John $1 Million for a Performance

    “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” is the highest-rated radio talk show in America, and impressively has been since 1988, when it debuted nationally.

    The American conservative radio star doesn’t mess around when he throws a party and in 2010, when he tied the knot to Kathryn Rogers, he blew the roof off the budget.

    The Palm Beach party was a a lavish ceremony attended by political personalities like Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani, and Karl Rove. Elton John performed a set for $1 million!

    More proof that video didn’t kill the radio star.


    $1 Million Will Buy 2 Years of Domestic Bliss

    And what does the billionaire with everything buy with their hot million? Why, how about a team of domestic staff? One million could support a team of five staff to help around your home for two years.

    A decently experienced butler will cost $180,000 for the 2-year term. A valet requires $70,000. You can enjoy the help of a personal secretary for $150,000, a housekeeper for $80,000 and a private chef for $80,000 too. Imagine all the spare time you will have to make more millions when everything else is taken care of on the home front.


    Floyd Mayweather Spent $1 Million on Cars in a Week

    Back in the boxing ring with the big money spend-ers, Floyd Mayweather, also likes to drop a cool million when he needs to blow off steam.

    Mayweather pulled into Towbin Auto Group in Vegas with a million dollars burning a hole in his pocket. To treat himself, he bought a white Rolls-Royce Ghost to match his all white collection. Then for the friends and family he added a further eight cars to the order. Namely a 2021 Mercedes S560, one 2021 Maybach sedan, a 2021 Dodge Journey, two 2021 Dodge Chargers, and three 2021 Dodge Challengers to round it off.

    A little after leaving the shop, Mayweather called Chop, the owner of the car shop, and added another white Ghost Rolls to the order to make it an even number.


    Lebron James Spends $1.5million on Personal Fitness

    King James doesn’t mess around when it comes to looking after his main asset- his body. Can I get a hell yeah from the back?

    Jokes aside this A-list athlete gives his personal fitness the royal treatment with money and spends over $1.5million a year on it.

    This includes spending time in a Hyperbaric chamber for oxygen therapy. He also has cryotherapy sessions to deaden an irritated nerve that hinders his performance. To keep his legs strong and reducing recovery time he uses NormaTec leg boots.

    These are an inflatable boot that cover the whole leg and then massage them. I’ve seen those legs, and I can confirm, it’s money well spent, amiright!?! 


    John Cena Gave $1 Million Away

    Just because he is strong doesn’t mean he isn’t a real softie.

    John Cena has granted over 600 wishes to children battling life-threatening illnesses with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. But the buck doesn’t stop there. He also raised over a $1 million for a breast cancer charity in partnership with WWE.

    In fact, he does so much that in 2015 he was named the second most charitable athlete in the world. He has donated another million to the FitOps Foundation retraining veterans for new careers in fitness training.


    Shin Min-a Gives North Korean Refugees $1.1 Million in Donations

    It’s not just that side of the Pacific with big pockets for donating their loot by the million. South Korean model and actor Shin Min-a has just been less public about her donations. She has donated over a $1 million to education and healthcare for disadvantaged children. She has also built a school in Nepal and has assisted women and children refugees from North Korea.

    To that we say: jongyeong 


    One Million Dollar iPhone

    One thing we know for sure at Alux is no matter what you are looking for, you can always get it in a solid gold, diamond encrusted version if you want to pay top dollar.

    In 2014, Alchemist London announced that they had “pimped” the iPhone 5s to epic proportions.  No longer do you have to be slave to the consumer ready iPhone, for a cool million Alchemist can offer you a 24K gold plated iPhone, with 1,600 flawless F grade diamonds equalling 16 carats of frosting. The back cover is rare hardwood lined with 53 flawless diamonds and a gold Apple logo.

    The best part worth a million dollars: a lifetime warranty for any technical failure or minor damage. Anyone who has stared at the stuck Apple Logo will agree, that is pure gold.


    Rihanna Spends $1 Million on Her Iconic Hair

    Rihanna doesn’t spare any expenses when it comes to her iconic hair. Riri only trusts hair guru Ursula Stephen with her hair. And she keeps the stylist of a weekly retainer of around $22,000 a week. Do the math on 52 weeks a year, and that is over a million annually.

    If you’ve got some money you’d like to spend, we’ve got merch available on our website – alux.com/merch!


    “Ye” Is Paying $1 Million per Day to Live In a Stadium

    How much would you pay for a sweaty locker room experience? Well, the artist formally known as Kanye is paying a million a night for it.

    Ye has opted to squat in what can only be described as a sparse locker room or large storage closet with a single mattress in one corner. The weird turn of events happened after his successful DONDA listening session in July at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

    While he puts the finishing touches on his album, he sheltered in place in the stadium which temporary changed its name to “DONDA Studio”. Most people would agree for a million a night, you can call me anything!

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    What would your first million-dollar splurge be?

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