Richest Animated Sitcom Creators

20 December 2014

10 Richest Animated Sitcom Creators

It’s time for the Richest Animated Sitcom Creators!

The animated sitcom is a sub-genre of the sitcom that is animated and it has no live action.

This genre has some sub genres of its own, such as adult animation.

Adult animation is something that we all love. The animated sitcom creators have created some great shows such as The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, American Dad!, Drawn Together, and so on.

Before the animated sitcoms to be this popular, in the 1990s they have been criticized for their explicit and extremely violent content.

Luckily for us, the sitcoms are well loved today. And it seems like we are getting more and more of them.

10. Aaron McGruder – Net Worth: $10 Million

Aaron McGruder is an American writer and cartoonist. He is famous for writing as well as drawing The Boondocks.

The Boondocks is a Universal Press Syndicate comic strip about two young African-American brothers, Huey and his brother, the wannabe gangsta Riley.

The Boondocks was a series which explored the American politics and the African-American culture. It was well received by the audience but it also had some controversy due to its comments on American politics.

McGruder was also a screenwriter on Red Tails, and co-author, with Reginald Hudlin, of a 2004 graphic novel Birth of Nation: A comic Novel.

His other projects are a variety of comedy series such as The Super Rumble Mix Show and Black Jesus and the latte on Adult Swim.

10 Richest Animated Sitcom Creators 10. Aaron McGruder – Net Worth $10 Million
10 Richest Animated Sitcom Creators 10. Aaron McGruder – Net Worth $10 Million |via: thegrio|
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