Richest Banks in the World | Top 10

20 June 2014

Richest Banks in the World | Top 10

The world after the financial crisis relies on banks to assure the continuity of the economy and the growth of the people they represent.

In the following Richest Banks in the World | Top 10 we try to be as accurate as possible and give the reader the top ten banks in the world that have earned this title throughout their assets.

Even if the banks changed places over the years in this top, for the year 2014 we got the latest information regarding their actual assets.

According to the chinadaily.com and relbanks.com this year’s top is very tight and shows that every bank has the power of being the richest in the world if the opportunity is on the table.

For the next top ten we have powerful banks, with great capital, stable and trustworthy .

They are the perfect example of longevity combined with great services and equity for their clients.

The Richest Banks in The World have the power to change, being the main actor in the economic growth and sustainable development of countries.

Number 10 according to our sources  comes from the UK.

10. Barclays PLC

A leader in the UK market The Barclays PLC Bank is well known to be the proud sponsor of the English Premier League.

To break the ice regarding the well known bank, we can say that the bank has activities in over 50 countries and satisfies the needs of 48 million people.

According to their site information the customer can refer to the bank for any of the following: operations in retail, wholesale and investment banking, as well as wealth management, mortgage lending and credit cards.

For the Richest Banks in the World | Top 10, this universal bank was listed as the economic unit with the oldest  banking business.

The roots of Barclays go until the year 1690 and after 300 years their assets growed so spectacularly, situating it on the number 10 with a total of 2,26 trillion dollars.

The sum is impressive, taking a couple of lifetimes to count this kind of money.

Richest Banks in the World | Top 10
Barclays PLC Bank – UK

The next one in Richest Banks in the World | Top 10 parted from the nearby borders of the  UK.
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