The 15 Richest Baseball Players of All Time

13 July 2016

13. Roger Clemens – Net worth $60 million

Roger Clemens richest baseball players
Roger Clemens via Getty Images/Rick Stewart

Roger “Rocket” Clemens is one of the best pitchers the MLB has ever seen. He debuted in 1984, playing for the Boston Red Sox and struck out 20 batters in one 1986 game – a world record.

Clemens signed a $40 million deal with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1997 and went onto have a fantastic season, proving he was worth every penny – everyone who batted against him was struck out. $22 million brought him out of retirement in 2006, the highest one-year deal in the history of MLB – and he continued to play for the Astros.

Known for his diva behaviour, Clemens once vocally complained about having to carry his own luggage at an airport, and regularly expects special treatment from the teams he plays for. Being temperamental clearly works though, because he easily makes this richest baseball players list.

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