Top 10 Richest Boxers in the World

4 May 2015

These Are the Richest Boxers in the World!

Wondering who are the richest boxers in the world? You’re in the right place! Keep reading!

Here at Ealuxe we love to write about awesome people who made history, therefore today we made a Top 10 of the world’s richest boxers.

Either you are at a concert, on a stadium watching a football game, or watching a boxing match, all of these have one important thing in common and you’ll agree with us: the atmosphere that gives you the chills.

Those goosebumps you get when the crowd stands up and starts to shout from the bottom of the lungs.
And there’s nothing more memorably than watching some of the world’s most greatest athletes fighting on the boxing ring.

The passion for boxing made them superstars, and the spotlight of the ring made them rich. But  how rich ? You’re about to find out.

10Bernard Hopkins – Net worth: $40 million

We start our top 10 list of the wealthiest boxers in the world with Bernard Hopkins, born on January 15, 1965.

Bernard Hopkins, whose full name is Bernard Humphrey Hopkins, has an estimated net worth of $40 million, collected from his 54 wins, out of 64 total fights.

Nicknamed ‘The Executioner’ and ‘The Alien’, Bernard Hopkins is one of the greatest middleweight champions, winning ‘The Ring’ middleweight championship, followed by the 2011’s WBA and WBC titles.

Also, he was the first winner of the International Boxing Federation’s middleweight title.

Top 10 Richest Boxers in the World - EALUXE.COM | Bernard Hopkins - Net worth: $40 million
Bernard Hopkins – Net worth: $40 million via sports.yahoo.com
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