Richest British Actors

29 July 2014

Richest British Actors | TOP 10

Who are the richest British actors?

Today is the British’s day. We are going to talk about the most talented British actors. The ones that are so talented that their fees are worth millions of dollars.

When you see a movie is hard to tell (or not) which one is the British one. That is due to their talent, the talent of acting and getting into a character make them be the highest earning British actors.

For some of them, talent wasn’t enough and took years of gaining momentum to finally get on an international scene, but others who were luckiest the success came immediately.

Considering that there are some British actors which are  famous and rich we started our top from $50 million and up and we had to exclude the following:

  • Kate Winslet ($45 million)
  • Gary Oldman ($40 million)
  • Ben Kingsley ($40 million)
  • Hugh Laurie ($40 million)
  • Judi Dench ($35 million)
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones ($45 million)
  • Daniel Craig ($45 million)

Now let’s go back and take a look at their career and choices they made to become the richest British Actors in the world.

Let’s see who are the richest British actors and why do we love them so much!

10. Daniel Day-Lewis Net Worth $50 million

Mister Daniel Day-Lewis made an impression when he played the ex-president Mister Abraham Lincoln in the masterpiece “Lincoln”.

He is also the only person in the film history to win the Oscar Award for Best Actor not once, but three times!

Daniel Day-Lewis was born and raised in London, England and that makes him one of the highest earning British actors in the entire world.

Lewis made his cinematographic debut in Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971), but then he acted on stage with the Bristol Old Vic and Royal Shakespeare Companies and did not appear on screen again until 1982, when he grabbed his first grown up role, a small part in Gandhi (1982).

He also appeared on British TV that year in Frost in May (1982) and How Many Miles to Babylon? (1982). Notable theatrical performances include Another Country (1982-83), Dracula (1984), and The Futurists (1986).

10. Daniel Day-Lewis Net Worth $50 million
Richest British Actors | TOP 10| N10. Daniel Day-Lewis Net Worth $50 million

Richest British Actors | TOP 10| N10. Daniel Day-Lewis Net Worth $50 million
Richest British Actors | TOP 10| N10. Daniel Day-Lewis Net Worth $50 million

Just like all the actors in our list, when Daniel is part of a project, be sure that movie will be a blockbuster or simply epic.

Interesting fact about Lewis is that he spent almost a year researching the role of Lincoln and stayed in character at all times during the shooting and instructed others to referrer at him as Lincoln.

Also with the same amount: Keira Knightley & Helen Mirren & Rupert Grint.

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