The World’s Top 15 Richest Celebrity Chefs

25 August 2016

14. Gary Mehigan ($5 million)

The World's 15 Richest Celebrity Chefs | #14. Gary Mehigan ($5 million)
The World’s 15 Richest Celebrity Chefs | #14. Gary Mehigan ($5 million) | source: bandt.com.au

Gary Mehigan is a regular face of the popular food show franchise, MasterChef. Alongside Matt Preston and George Calombaris, he is one of the judges for MasterChef Australia, one of the cooking shows I have been following.

Last year, he made a debut on his own spin-off show, Far Flung with Gary Mehigan. He traveled across Asia to taste local foods and create dishes inspired by them at the end of each episode.

Gary headed some kitchens in Melbourne before he opened his own restaurant, Fenix. In 2013, he sold the award-winning restaurant after thirteen years since it was opened. I bet that is where he got most of his $5 million net worth.

If you happen to be around Melbourne, go to Maribyrnong suburb and enjoy some meals at Gary’s current restaurant, The Boathouse.

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