Richest Companies in the World | TOP 10

27 August 2014

#9. IBM- $112.5 Billion

Who hasn’t heard about IBM Company? IBM is also known as International Business Machines Corporation and was formed in response to four major technological breakthroughs.

The breakthroughs were the invention of the computing scale, the dial recorder, the electric tabulating machine and the time clock. Founded in the early 20th Century, the company has been evolving ever since.

In the 1950s IMB produced the first self-learning program and launched a successful line of typewriters. The 60s came and found them working with NASA to create more effective ways to track the flight of astronauts.

There was then they launched their first series of computer systems.

Since their beginnings the company has changed a bit and went to the software market becoming one of the biggest software developments.

Now it has a net worth estimated at $112.5 billion all with the help of their 433,362 employers.

Richest Companies in the World | TOP 10
Richest Companies in the World | TOP 10 | #9. IBM- $112.5 Billion
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