These are the 15 Richest Doctors in the World

26 June 2016

14. Dr Ron Paul – Net worth $5 million

Ron Paul richest doctors
Ron Paul via REUTERS/Sean Gardner

Most know him as a Republican politician, but Ron Paul is actually a physician with a medicine degree from Duke University.

Paul completed his residency in obstetrics and gynaecology, but then became a flight surgeon in the Air Force and in the National Guard, from 1963 to 1968.

After his time in the military, he moved to Texas and opened his own private obstetrics and gynaecology practice.

A few years later, he made the switch to politics.

His time as a fertility doctor strongly influenced his strong pro-life stance in later life, believing firmly that “life begins at conception.” But then again, an obstetrician in Texas in the 60s would think that.

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