Richest Drop Out Billionaires | Top 10

5 July 2014

Richest Drop Out Billionaires | Top 10

If you’re curious to know who are the 10 richest drop out billionaires, we have the answer!

Who hasn’t been told at least once in their life that they need to go to college in order to have a good future and a well paid job? I bet you all heard it.

Forget about that (please don’t drop out of college now) and imagine this: the richest self-made billionaires have something else in common, except for money: they are college drop outs.

Yes, you heard that right, some of the wealthiest billionaires have never finished college, and here they are, the richest men on Earth.

How is that possible, you wonder? They had great ideas and knew how to start their own businesses.

Let’s now find out who are the richest billionaires who dropped out of college!

10.Micky Arison – $6.5 billion

We start our top wealthiest drop out billionaires with Micky Arison.

Net worth: $6.5 billion

Profession: Owner of the NBA’s Miami Heat, CEO of Carnival Corporation (1979 until 2013)

Fact: Richest person in Florida.

If you know what Carnival Cruise is, then you who Micky Arison is as well. For those of you who don’t, he was the CEO of Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest cruise operator. In 2013 he was replaced by Arnold W. Donald, but continues to serve as a chairman of the board.

Arison is a college drop out, him inheriting his involvement with the cruising company from his father. He stopped going to college to start working in the sales department at Carnival, becoming CEO in 1979.

If that wasn’t enough, the businessman also owns NBA’s Miami Heat.

Top 10 Richest Drop Out Billionaires - Micky Arison
Top 10 Richest Drop Out Billionaires – Micky Arison

He beats out Zuckerberg ->

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