Richest Female Fashion Designers

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Richest Female Fashion Designers | Top 10

For all the devoted fashionistas that are faithful Ealuxe readers, I’ve done some research and brought you the richest female fashion designers that are worthy to be your role models!

I’m sure many of you ladies who follow the magnificent works of the top fashion designers aspire to be one of them some day.

Yes, you watch their fashion shows almost breathless, follow their fashion advices and dream of their clothing items, but I think there are some questions you don’t ask yourselves.

For example:

How did they get this far and surpass all the other fashion designers?

They’ve built an empire, but how much is this empire worth?

Well, that’s exactly why I’m here today, to answer all these questions for you and even a little bit more!

10.Heather Thomson – $10 million

Heather Thomson is a successful American fashion designer and a rising reality television personality.

She is the woman behind the fashion line Yummie Tummie that tries to benefit from the trend that’s popularized by different brands, especially Spanx.

And to tell you a little secret, Miss Thomson is convinced that Yummie Tummie will eventually surpass Spanx!

This is a woman with a lot of experience as she has worked 15 years in the fashion industry before Yummie. And not some regular work, no! She worked with important celebrities such as P Diddy, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

And if you know her face and don’t know from where, perhaps this will freshen up your memory: she’s a member of the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City!

10. Heather Thomson | Richest Female Fashion Designers | Image Source:
10. Heather Thomson | Richest Female Fashion Designers | Image Source:
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