10 Richest Football Club Owners in Europe

2 July 2014

10 Richest football club owners in Europe

This is the list with the richest football club owners in Europe.

The European football industry attracts  the eye of the wealthy men from all around the world, making them the main investors in the European sport that generates the largest amount of money.

But let’s see the which European club has the wealthiest owner and what is he worth.

Because football doesn’t always mean spending a lot of money on players and coaches, the football industry generates a lot of money out of tickets, from the league, from participating in a lot of competitions, from sponsorship and of course from stock market evaluation.

This means that the wealthiest men around the globe who own European clubs have an extra source of money besides their main line of business from where their wealth comes from.

So after millions of dollars in transfers, or sponsorship deals for the best football equipment or from great brands around the world, at the end of the year some of these wealthy men draw a line and see what did their clubs made them.

Let’s see who are they and what are they worth. ->

10.Dmitry Rybolovlev – 8.8 billion $

The first who starts the richest football club owners, is a russian businessman by the name of Dmitry Rybolovlev who ranked in the past five years in Forbes top 200 wealthiest men around the world.

He is known for developing the potash and Uralkali enterprise, investments in The Bank of Cyprus and purchase of the AS MONACO Football Club.

With a net worth of 8.8 billion dollars according to Forbes Magazine, he is also known for several acts of philanthropy like the rebuilding of several important historical monuments. In this category entering the rebuilding of  the Oranienbaum palace in St. Petersburg, construction of the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Limassol and other donations to churches and monasteries to be constructed or rebuilt.

In 2011 he purchased a large amount of stocks of the french football team AS MONACO, managing in the next years to accomplish the obligations he took.

In 2013 he spent a large amount of money in transfers after the team made it back to the Ligue 1.

Richest Football Club Owners in Europe | Top 10
Monaco’s football club president Dmitriy Rybolovlev during a ceremony

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