10 Richest Football Club Owners in Europe

2 July 2014


Rinat Akhmetov – 15.4 billion $

In the other half of the richest football club owners in Europe we have another magnate. Rinat Akhmetov is the owner of Ukrainian club FC Shakhtar Donetsk and one of the richest men in Ukraine.

Probably one of the most influential person in the country Akhmetov made his money with the System Capital Management company which he made in 2000. Since then the company has been the leader in the financial and industrial holding business.

With stakes in mining, power, banking, insurance, telecommunications, media and real estate he also made some controversy because his name was associated with important Ukrainian mob heads.

He became owner of the club after the former one died in a bomb assassinate, Akhmetov bringing money to the team which in the following years gave him numerous championships and cups.

Making a statement in the football industry by raising Brazilian youth in the club’s football academy, using them and then selling the best to Europe’s major teams, Akhmetov made Shakhtar one imposing team with whom he can fight the elite of Europe.

Richest Football Club Owners in Europe | Top 10
Shakhtar Donetsk’s coach Mircea Lucescu (L) and club president Rinat Akhmetov hold up the UEFA Cup trophy in 2009

The next owner has only 34% of the shares.->

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