The 15 Richest Lawyers in the World

27 June 2016

These are the richest lawyers in the world, and you really don’t want to see them across the aisle…

Lawyers have a bit of a bad reputation – cutthroat, money-grabbing, ruthless. Well, these are the richest lawyers in the world, and some of them have undoubtedly made some tough decisions to get there.

To pass the bar exam is a massive undertaking, and many don’t pass on their first attempt, and the best law schools in the US are Yale and Harvard – some of these richest lawyers’ alma mater. The attorneys on this list have an impressive list of cases under their belt, and some have recovered billions in damages for their clients, or even had them acquitted from murder charges. Some have encountered a court room from the other side too, convicted of crimes and misdemeanours themselves. Some aren’t even lawyers anymore, leaving their firms for careers in modelling and cookery.

15. Howard K Stern – Net worth $500,000

Howard K Stern richest lawyers
Howard K Stern via alchetron.com

Howard K Stern is a controversial addition to this richest lawyers list, but you can’t deny his net worth.

Stern was educated at Berkeley and passed the Bar in California in 1994, he then went on to represent Anna Nicole Smith in her modelling contracts and legal troubles. His law firm was dissolved in 2002 (while he made appearances on The Anna Nicole Show) and switched to the talent agency business.

Smith died tragically in 2007, but had married Stern a year earlier, so left her estate to him. Stern was then involved in a variety of legal disputes himself, including a paternity case and a conspiracy case.

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