The 15 Richest Lawyers in the World

27 June 2016

13. Vikki Ziegler – Net worth $2.5 million

Vikki Zeigler richest lawyers
Vikki Zeigler via about.me

Host of Bravo’s Untying the Knot and divorce attorney Vikki Zeigler (the ‘Divorce Diva’) is based in New York and New Jersey, where she founded her law firm, Zeigler and Zemsky LLC.

In each episode of Untying the Knot, Zeigler meets a couple in the midst of divorce proceedings and helps them to navigate and mediate aspects of the separation. For some, it’s custody, for others it’s assets. Zeigler then makes recommendations on how they should proceed, using her legitimate legal knowledge and her many experiences of divorce mediation.

A famous negotiator, Zeigler reportedly convinced her own parents to share joint custody of her when they divorced. And that’s why she’s one of the richest lawyers in the world.

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