The 10 Richest Nightclubs around the World

3 March 2015

The 10 Richest Nightclubs around the World

After you’ve seen all the nightclubs from different cities around the world, it is time to find out which ones are the richest nightclubs.

If you are that type of person that enjoying going out and having fun in a nightclub, this list is just what you need.

Many people, same as you, like to go on a nightclub to meet new people same age as them or to avoid everyday problems and stress from their lives.

It is true, many people chose to go to a nightclub from their country, but there are others that travel abroad just to find a pricy one.

In this list, all the nightclubs are going to look incredible, and the entry for some might be very expensive, but they all have a thing in common: they allow you to party all night long.

For example, they will have some items on the menus that cost tens of thousands of dollars, so you better come prepared to pay big bucks for just a bottle of champagne or appetizers.

And that’s just one of the reason these nightclubs are so rich and luxurious. They all have very unique features and styles. But all of them have proven their value, with tens of millions of dollars of revenue annually.

Much of that money is spent of improving these nightclubs, by adding many new cool features every year.

Coming at any of these nightclubs, in the middle of a party, means that catching a table will be very hard to come by, so make sure you reserve a table quick!

But enough chatting, let’s get started with the most expensive nightclubs in the world!

10. Club Aquarium, United Kingdom

With this nightclub we start our list with the richest nightclubs in the world. Located in London, the Club Aquarium is one of the most popular clubs in the city.

First opened in 1995, when Shoreditch was a quiet area for clubs and bars, Club Aquarium celebrated its 15th birthday last year.

The nightclub is the only one in UK to have its own swimming pool, a famous pool for many prestigious events.

Recently renowned, the club is the home for concerts, video shoots, fashion shows and much more. Also, among the quests are famous musicians and DJs who regularly frequent the club.

The best part about the club is that it has a killer dance floors, Jacuzzi, and delicious cocktails you can have in the swimming pool.

The 10 Richest Nightclubs around the World - 10. Club Aquarium, United Kingdom
The 10 Richest Nightclubs around the World – 10. Club Aquarium, United Kingdom |via: clubaquarium.co.uk|
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