Richest People in Netherlands

8 September 2014

9.John A. Fentener van Vlissingen – $1.6 billion

John Arthur Fentener van Vlissingen, age 75, has always been an independent business man and eventually paid off!

John was already part of a wealthy family that had its own business, SHV Holdings, but he refused to take part of it and wanted to start a successful business on his own.

All said and done! John started his own company, BCD Holdings that even nowadays is the global market leader in the travel industry. A company so big that has about 13,000 employees and operate in 97 countries!

Well that seems to go pretty well because according to Quote magazine, as we speak the total net worth of the family is no less than 9.2 billion euros!

There were some fake rumours recently that John bought the Aston Villa Football Club, but he said amused to the media:

I can state now that I have no interest in any sporting ventures, I am enjoying other ventures at this moment in time.

richest people in Netherlands
richest people in Netherlands
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