They are the 10 Richest People in Romania 2015

23 June 2015

9th Ovidiu Tender €400 million

A change compared to last year’s list where Gruia Stoica was ranked 9th, this time the place goes to Ovidiu Tender.

As one of the richest men in Romania, Tender has a net worth estimated at €400 million. He owns Tender S.A, a company he uses to control several companies that carry on in fields such as energetic, oil and gas industry services, geological prospecting, road infrastructure, real estate, agriculture, tourism, and aviation.

Tender is also the owner of several airline flying areas in several countries, the owner of a medicament production company in Serbia, a telecommunication company, a spa resort, and a tobacco fermentation factory.

He owns International Hotel in Timisoara, through his Intercenter Service Company, a hotel in Greece, on Aegina Island, and the Johann Strauss Hotel in Bucharest.

In June 2015, Tender was sentenced to twelve years and seven months’ imprisonment in a fraud and money laundering case involving the illegal acquisition of Carom SA Onesti.

10 Richest People in Romania 2015
10 Richest People in Romania 2015 |via: neuerweg.ro|
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