Richest People In India 2014

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Richest People In India 2014 | Top 10

This year, some changes occurred in the list of India’s richest people. And here you have the Richest People In India 2014 | Top 10 to satisfy your curiosity.

I will begin by saying that 2014 is the first year when all 100 richest people of India are billionaires.

Plus, I believe it is interesting to point out that there are only 4 women in the top 100 India’s richest people.

None of them has made it up to the top 10 richest, so they won’t be featured here.

So, here are the men that run India’s best businesses:

10Sunil Mittal – $7.8 Billion

Sunil Mittal is the CEO of Bharti Enterprises, the world’s fourth-largest telecom by number of subscribers that just crossed the milestone of 300 million customers.

If inspiration is what you are looking for in this article, you will be amazed to know that he started his first business when he was just 18 years old with a capital investment of $320 borrowed from his father. That was about crankshafts for local bicycle manufacturers.

His beginning in the mobile telecom business started with him assembling push-button phones in India, replacing the old fashioned rotary phones.

He realized the potential they had and was the first Indian entrepreneurs to identify the mobile telecom business as a major growth area.

At this moment, his net worth is estimated at $7.8 Billion.

Richest People In India 2014  Top 10 - 10. Sunil Mittal
Richest People In India 2014 Top 10 – 10. Sunil Mittal | Image source:
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