Richest People In Peru 2014

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Richest People In Peru 2014 | Top 10

A country with countless beautiful landscapes and a more than interesting culture, Peru also has its share of billionaires. These are the Richest People In Peru 2014 | Top 10.

We could say that Peru’s economical scene is dominated by a few powerful families and some successful self made billionaires. With successful mining businesses or door to door cosmetic companies, this country has some inspiring and motivational stories for us.

Peru is not usually seen as a place to get rich, so let’s take some time to appreciate the following persons that succeeded here.

They are the wealthiest persons of Peru:

10Juan Fernando Belmont Anderson – $ 1.1 Billion

Juan Fernando Belmont Anderson is the founder and owner of a door-to-door cosmetic company, Yanbal International.

He used to be partners with his brother, Eduardo, but they dissolved their partnership in 1988. Since then, Juan Fernando has expanded the firm to Spain and other Latin American countries, with a large presence in Ecuador.

Yanbal International has over 30 years of activity and it is like the Herbalife or Oriflame of Latin American women.

He still lives in Lima, Peru and his biggest passion is golf.

At this moment his net worth is estimated to be $1.1 Billion.

10. Juan Fernando Belmont Anderson – $ 1.1 Billion - Richest People In Peru 2014
10. Juan Fernando Belmont Anderson – $ 1.1 Billion – Richest People In Peru 2014 | Image source:
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