Richest People In Sweden 2014

4 October 2014

Richest People In Sweden 2014 | Top 10

When you know that there are 14 Swedish nationals that are worth over $ 1 billion, it makes you wonder how rich are people in Sweden? And these are the Richest People In Sweden 2014 | Top 10.

Sweden is a country that offered a lot of material when it comes to the Billionaires List.

Whether they come from a very rich family and are continuing the business or are self made billionaires, these people have some impressive fortunes.

I will give you just a hint: one of them is the owner of H&M company. So, if you are a fan, you should take a look.

Let’s discover the wealthiest people in Sweden:

10Bertil Hult – $4 Billion

Bertil Hult is the one that made studying abroad so much easier.

He is the one who founded the educational and language school company, EF Education First that grew to a multi-billion dollar corporation with more than 37,000 employees in 52 countries.

He started it all when he was very young. Actually, he dropped out of college after just one year because he had a plan to start a business that would help set up students with host families as they prepared to study abroad.

Everything happened when he was just 23, in the basement of his university dormitory in Lund, Sweden.

He served as the company’s CEO until 2002, as its chairman until 2008, and is now semi-retired. His two oldest sons are now taking care of the company.

At this moment, his net worth is estimated to be $4 Billion.


Richest People In Sweden 2014  Top 10 - 10. Bertil Hult
Richest People In Sweden 2014 Top 10 – 10. Bertil Hult | Image source: www.facebook.com
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