Richest People In Turkey 2014 | Top 10

17 September 2014

9.Filiz Sahenk

The next billionaire in Turkey is Filiz Sahenk.

Net Worth: $2.3 billion

Source: Bank, media

Filiz Sahenk is Turkey’s representative for famous brands such as Gucci, Emporio Armani, Loro Piana, In-Formal and Tod’s.

She is the manager of Dogus Holding, the branded clothing and tourism business that belongs to her family and the President of Ayhan Sahenk Foundation.

Dogus Holding is comprised of 25 companies in different sectors, such as tourism, construction, media and finance. The company also holds important investments in Garanti Bank, considered the largest bank in Turkey.

Richest People In Turkey - Filiz Sahenk
Richest People In Turkey – Filiz Sahenk
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