Richest Poker Players in The World | Top 10

25 June 2014

Richest Poker Players in The World | Top 10

Everyone knows poker, even if it is the classic kind of Texas Hold-Em or five card draw or any variety of it.

Since the internet era the spread of the game went viral and everyone was starting to play online.

It expanded very quickly soon to be one of the most profitable online gambling opportunities for both sides: the customer and the host of the game.

For those who play for fun it’s like a game of knowing well your adversary and guessing his every moves.
But for those who make a living out of it, poker became a way of life, poker became science dedicating everything to it.

Such players are known worldwide for their talent and for their wealth, most of them playing hundreds of tournaments until they became the top of the poker industry.

In the next we are revealing the top 10 richest poker players of the moment.

What do you think do you know poker? You have the courage to challenge one of the following?

10. Joe Hachen – 11.7 million $

Joe Hachem, originally from Lebanon, is one of the most richest professional poker players on the planet.
Despite he ranks number #10 in our list he is the poker player who won the biggest prize of that time, 7.5 million dollars in the World Series of Poker in 2005.

The player who left Lebanon with his parents and went to Melbourne Australia, started his poker career after he realized that the rare disease he has can’t offer him stability as a chiropractor.

After years of playing regularly, he started around the year 2000 to take part of the Melbourne poker tournament, almost being crowned the Australian champion.

That was the moment when he entered the World Series of Poker and won the largest prize until that time, the wonderful sum of 7.5 million dollars, for which played 5618 players.

After that his career as a professional poker player boosted and he earned almost 11.7 million dollars, after playing a game of breathing control, outdraw information and the ability to maintain for the whole game only one poker face.

Richest Poker Players in The World | Top 10
Joe Hachen

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