10 Richest Rappers Under 30

21 May 2015

Richest Rappers Under 30

Playing in the same league as Dr. Dre, Sean P. Diddy and Jay-z these are the richest rappers under 30, geniuses of the microphone, who live big from making and having a successful music career.

They are the youngest and the richest in the same time, a selection of different characters and genres that together make up the biggest name for this age limit.

With a net worth evaluated at millions and the capacity to take their own decisions, the 10 rappers have been in the spotlight of the music gender in the past time.

Entertaining you and playing them almost daily, these rappers give the game a sparkle of freshness, showing us what they are capable off and what is like to be young and to be the best.

10. Tinie Tempah

The first to start the list of richest rappers under 30 is the famous Tinie Tempah, the English rapper, who was born from Nigerian parents.

Born in London in 1988 and raised there, the rapper first discovered his stage name at the age of 12 when he was playing with words, resulting in his actual name.

His first mix-tape was released in 2005 when he joined the Aftershock Hooligans, a British group that made hundred of songs with Tinie.

After 2 years and a hunger for fame, Tinie and his manager started their own label in London, called “Disturbing London” which gave them the opportunity to start the real deal.

With a little bit of luck, an on-growing fan base and an important record deal, Tinie released two albums and gathered a net worth of $3 million.

#10 Tinie Tempah | Richest Rappers Under 30 | Image Source: ziarultricolorul.ro
#10 Tinie Tempah | Richest Rappers Under 30 | Image Source: ziarultricolorul.ro
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