Richest Rock Stars As Of 2015

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Richest Rock Stars As Of 2015

Hello and welcome back, dear luxury and fine living enthusiasts ! Today we are going to talk about the richest rock stars as of 2015 and their successful stories.

If rock music is your favorite musical genre and you want to find out which one of your favorite rock artists is the wealthiest you are in the right place.

With a constant growing number of fans and worldwide successful records it is no surprise that these 10 rock stars have this kind of money in their pockets.

I’m pretty sure that you are already familiar with the names featured here today and their awesome released records, but I bet you didn’t know that they are the richest rock stars in the world.

So, let us waste no more time and see which are the richest rock stars as of 2015 and find out how they made their money.


Gene Simmons (Net worth: $300 million)

We begin our list of richest rock stars as of 2015 with no one other than mister Gene Simmons, with a net worth of $300 million.

This American rock and roll legend was born in Haifa, Israel on August 25th, 1949.

He became interested in the rock culture after watching The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.

Gene Simmons is also a record producer, a songwriter, entrepreneur, television and movie producer, teacher and guitarist.

Gene Simmons is the co-lead guitarist of Kiss and he is known by his stage persona The Demon.

The band Kiss, founded in the 1970’s sold more than 100 million albums worldwide.

# 10 Gene Simmson | Richest Rock Stars As Of 2015 | via
# 10 Gene Simmson | Richest Rock Stars As Of 2015 | via

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