Richest Small Cities in America | Top 10

11 July 2014

Richest Small Cities in America

Everyone talks all the time about America’s biggest and richest cities, how many wealthy people live there and what are they worth, but today we will show you the richest small cities of America.

We want to show you wealth but at a small scale and  brought you some small cities with populations under 80.000 people.

So far so good, but what characteristic does one small town or city has to have to compete in the richest top of American cities?

Beside home to some of the richest people in the country these cities were selected by home value and median household income.

But that wasn’t enough because to the list of things that makes a city wealthy where added several more categories.

First the list starts with luxury eating clothing and luxury cars. So we have here fine restaurants, designer clothing retailers and top of the line car dealers.

The list continues to jewelry stores, country clubs and cosmetic surgeons all of them being measured in quantity and quality.

And the list ends with high class entertainment like polo fields, yacht clubs and private airports.

Lets see the richest small cities from the US soil!->

10.Laguna Niguel, California

We start the list with number 10 a city located in California, Laguna Niguel with a population of almost 62.000 people.

It is considered an affluent master planned community that has its name after the Spanish word lagoon and the name of an indigenous village.

From the list of thing the city has to check to become one of the richest from America we viewed that Laguna Niguel has the smallest distance to the nearest polo field and nearest yacht club, but it also has a large number of luxury car dealers per capita.

You have to visit once Laguna Niguel and stay at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, a five star hotel who proves that not only cars and clubs make the city one of the richest, but also the high class establishments like this one.

Richest Small Cities in America | Top 10
Laguna Niguel, California

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