These 10 are the Richest Stand-Up Comedians!

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10 Richest Stand-Up Comedians

Time to bring back the laughs with the richest stand-up comedians!

All I can say is that I simply love to listen what a great comedian has to say. Don’t you? Some of the comedians from our top started from the bottom, giving us good examples to follow.

There are some comedians that don’t get to sell anything. Just to fill some pubs. But there are some that are on an unbelievable level of stardom and wealth.

Most of them are legends; they’ve made their income from selling out huge stadiums and concert halls, some even internationally.

All started earning from the tickets for their shows, but some were lucky enough to be on successful sitcoms. Many of those sitcoms are still on air and you might be watching them.

Some of the comedians in this top have production companies that earn them money as well. Either way I don’t think you’ll guess who is #1, the richest stand-up comedian!

Let’s get to our Richest Stand-Up Comedians!

10. Kevin James – $80 million

He is the friend of Adam Sandler from Grown Ups 1 and 2! But before that, Kevin James had other interesting projects. The Mall Cop dude was also the star of CBS sitcom called the King of Queens.( A great comedy show, if you ask me)

Although Kevin James is now Adam Sandler’s pal and plays in movies produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company, he still performs stand-up throughout the US and Canada on a frequent basis.

The King of Queens show gave him the big shout out he needed. But despite all that, James can still sell out shows in Vegas.

10 Richest Stand-Up Comedians
10 Richest Stand-Up Comedians |10. Kevin James – $80 million
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