The Richest Widows in The World (2016)

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To celebrate the International Widow’s Day, let’s take a look at the life of these richest widows in the world.

In this modern era, women have blasted pass men, if not equal, in terms of success and wealth. These richest widows are the leaders among them. Even without men in their life, they keep striving to be the best in their field.

However, some of them actually inherit their wealth from their late husbands. Even with that case, hats off to their efforts in maintaining the business. Because sometimes maintaining is way harder than gaining.

We gathered top fifteen richest widows who are currently on the top of Forbes billionaires list. That’s right. They have billions dollar of net worth, not just millions.

How much do they own? How did they get to where they are today? Let’s take a sneak peek into these incredible women’s life.

15. Elizabeth Mohn ($3.7 billion)

The Richest Widows in The World (2016) | #15. Elizabeth Mohn ($3.7 billion)
The Richest Widows in The World (2016) | #15. Elizabeth Mohn ($3.7 billion) | source:

Elizabeth Mohn, also known as Liz Mohn, is one of the supervisory board members of Bertelsmann Foundation. It is the media conglomerate in German.

Her late husband, Reinhard Mohn, inherited the company as the fifth generation. When he passed away in 2009, Liz and two of their children took over.

On her own, Liz founded the German Stroke Foundation in early 1990s. The 75-years-old widow has been the president ever since.

Liz and her children are now living in Guetersloh, Germany. They own a total of $3.7 billion net worth. This put her as the 477th billionaire in the world and the 40th in Germany.

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