Top 15 All-Time Richest Wrestlers in the World

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They are athletes. They are actors. They are the richest wrestlers in the world.

We all know some of them are rich, but who are the world’s richest wrestlers and how much money do they make? We took a look at their estimated net worth up until mid-2016 and we’ve got the ranking for you!

Although some people dislike wrestling, because of reasons like violence or because it is an “acting performance”, these people are no ordinary. They are highly trained at what they do and they enjoy doing it.

At the end of the day, wrestling is a job for them. And they get people to buy tickets and attend the shows. They have huge crowd going behind them. So, they are bringing in great entertainment value. I think they deserve to be paid as much!

With that being said, let’s get straight into the top 10 richest wrestlers in the world countdown!

15. Adam Copeland a.k.a Edge ($12.5 million)

Top 15 All-Time Richest Wrestlers in the World | #15. Adam Copeland a.k.a Edge ($12.5 million)
Top 15 All-Time Richest Wrestlers in the World | #15. Adam Copeland a.k.a Edge ($12.5 million) | source:

Adam Copeland is popularly known as Edge within the WWE ring. After fifteen year of great wrestling career, Adam retired due to injury he suffered. See, this so-called acting job is pretty dangerous.

When he first started in 1992, he was paid only for a couple hundred dollars a week. That turned into millions of dollars pretty quickly, hence the $12.5 million of estimated net worth. That should come as no surprise since he clinched eleven world championship titles throughout his career.

WWE wouldn’t deserve its “E” without the entertainment. Legendary entrance theme song is like icing on the entertainment cake for WWE wrestlers, including Adam. His current one is Metalingus by Alter Bridge.

Now, Adam focuses on his acting career. His latest work was as Lucas Nolan in Interrogation. But he is more commonly known for his role as Dwight Hendrickson in four seasons of Haven TV series.

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