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14 September 2013

Rihanna Clothing Line

Robyn Rihanna Fenty aka Riri (her nickname) is not just a really famous singer but also an amazing fashion designer! Rihanna has an unique and trendy style that many people, fans and foes alike, find interesting. The truth is that we don’t all have her crew of stylists right behind us waiting for us to place our order, but there are few tips that can help us with this.

Do you know how to get that Rihanna look? Let me tell you: Shop at River Island!

River Island is a London-headquartered high street fashion brand, which operates in a number of worldwide markets.

Do you want to act just like the beautiful reggae singer Rihanna? Did you just said YES? Then you might want to find more about her fashion line, read on!

Rihanna Clothing Line - EALUXE.COM

As you’ve probably heard, Rihanna’s next collection for River Island is here so we thought we’d show you the campaign images to whet your appetite. The Campaign shot by Lachlan Bailey, styled by Mel Ottenberg, and directed by Rihanna herself, stars some of the newest crop of fashion supermodels; Ji Hye Park, Nayasha Kusakina, Milou Van Grossen and Tati Cotliar.?Rihanna said her clothes are aimed at a variety of women, but said they are all pieces she would wear herself.

“I would wear everything here. I was being a little bit selfish. I designed everything that I would want to wear, and for the women that I’m with,” she said.


Rihanna Clothing Line - EALUXE.COM

Rihanna Clothing Line - EALUXE.COMRihanna Clothing Line - EALUXE.COM

  • Her collection is packed with Rihanna staples such as camouflage prints, leather bras, cropped hoodies and over the knee boots.

“This collection is definitely really special to me. I think I got a lot of freedom and I got to put a lot more of myself into it. I literally designed everything I wanted to wear, exactly how I wanted to wear. And I’m giving it a New York street vibe,” she said.

Rihanna Clothing Line - EALUXE.COMRihanna Clothing Line - EALUXE.COMRihanna Clothing Line - EALUXE.COMRihanna Clothing Line - EALUXE.COM

In an interview, the singer-turned-designer explained how excited she was to wear the collection: “I couldn’t wait to wear it and I wanted to wear it first. I was like, ‘I don’t want to wait until it’s in stores, I want to wear it now,’ and so I did and every day I had something else that I wanted to wear.” She went on to say: “I designed it for myself as well. I wanted it to be things that I really would wear, things that I love, things that I want to see in stores and pick up for myself and that’s why I could wear it. I could rock it every day.

Rihanna Clothing Line - EALUXE.COMTo have Rihanna’s attitude try to always be armed with a cute, warm smile and a happy glint in the eye. The most important thing: Never wear the same thing twice. Rihanna has never done this so far!

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