Rihanna releases her new album, ANTI and has a strong partener

6 February 2016

Rihanna releases her new album, ANTI

Rihanna releases her new album, ANTI the news that came true on January the 28th 2016 after being postponed so many times.

She has been working on her eighth studio album, for over three years, and it is as complex as you would expect it to be!

Riri only released her work on TIDAL and iTunes, at the moment there’s nothing on Youtube, so if you want to listen to her music for more than 30 seconds you have to pay for it.

After much teasing on Instagram with snippets of her work, Riri finally decided to give to us the real deal which is her brand new album.

We really didn’t know what to expect as the photos she was posting were actually quite odd as is the album’s title, but check them out for yourself.

They were featuring different rooms that were all part of a bigger picture, keep reading for more on this matter!

Rihanna releases her new album, ANTI
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Rihanna releases her new album, ANTI Anti Crown
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The album contains 13 songs and was produced by Roc Nation.

The artists that feature are SZA and Drake, with whom Riri released the first single on her new album, Work.

And if you were wondering what else she has been up to, she signed a $25 million deal with Samsung, that has agreed to sponsor her Anti World Tour that is starting this month.

Rihanna releases her new album, ANTI Album tour poster
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Riri and Samsumg teamed up and also created a site together ANTIdiaRy.com (remember the rooms from earlier?)

You must access the site on your phone (if you own a Samsung Galaxy, it’s even better) and once you do that you’re greeted with the following message: “The beautiful girl awoke. Was this place the beginning or the end? Follow the shimmer of my crown. Soon you will find the key.”

Afterwards you enter a bedroom, which is the first room, where you see a piano and a drawer that keeps opening and closing and you can find something inside of it.

You can move and look around by tilting your phone right, left, up and down and you eventually find a door that usually leads you to the next rooms that include a studio, closet, tattoo parlor, and office.

Is there a point to this whole story? Maybe. It’s an interesting and unusual experience that, of course, has the purpose of promoting Rihanna’s brand new album and Samsung’s brand new phone.

Rihanna releases her new album, ANTI
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Non-music related, Rihanna also released in the summer of 2015 her sixth fragrance, called RiRi.

It’s a mixture of sweet fruity-vanilla with a tropical, white-flower touch, most likely to be worn in daytime.

Rihanna releases her new album, ANTI
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Rihanna releases her new album, ANTI and having done that she convinced the world it’s definitely more complex than just the actual music, as she kind of created a whole new world for herself and her Navy so in the end it was worth the wait.

rihanna-anti-album-cover alux
This is what the album looks like!

You can buy the Deluxe [Explicit] version of the album here for $14.

Also, if you’re a fan of Samsung products we have here something that might surprise you, an Iron Man Edition of Galaxy S6 Edge so go check it out.