Rococo Dessous | Bridal Lingerie

6 August 2013

Rococo Dessous | Bridal Lingerie 

Bridal Lingerie from Rococo Dessous will make your look the sexiest on your wedding night! Rococo Dessous is your source for the best in women’s intimate apparel.

Gold has been the ultimate expression of luxury since ancient times. Royal and imperial houses around the world have worn gold as a symbol of distinction and indulgence.




Let’s see what this is all about:


Rococo Dessous sets the new gold standard in lingerie at Lingerie Fashion Week in New York. Made with a patented 24 karat gold thread from Switzerland, their bridal collection is the new object of desire for hoenymoon.

I definitely recommend these :

Alexandra : She was known for her exuberant, golden dresses that made her shine like a precious stone. Tsarina Alexandra bedazzles her husband with her tall, slender and royal appearance since the very beginning.




Cleopatra : She impresses Caesar with both her divine beauty and brilliant intellect. In turn, the emperor empressed his love with a golden statue of Cleopatra in Rome.cleopatra2

Francoise : She was known for her great influence over the king and passion for travelling to the world’s most exclusive places.


Maria Antonette : She was the last French queen to enjoy the frivolous life of Versailles. Under her patronage, designer Rose Bertin became the world’s first wide-known Haute Couturier.


We really liked the resemblance with these magnificent personalities from that Era.


Designer Breanna Lee who worked for Victoria’s Secret, drew gold fashion inspiration from Cleopatra and Tsarina Alexandra. The collection symbolizes timelessness and distinction. The great advantage is that they used the best materials and the most important, all the 24 karat gold thread.


You girls, should know that your big day is not over until the big night! To prepare for  that romantic and sexy event you need to make a good choice of the wedding lingerie to realize that fantasy dream. Your experience must become wonderful and unforgettable, because it will be cherished and remembered for the rest of your life, like the wedding day.


We all know how men love their women in very sexy and revealing lingerie. So lets not disappoint him on what could be the best night of your life so far by getting it wrong.

The wedding night’s lingerie well get some inspirations and hot ideas.  There’s some great pics  with some very sexy lingerie sets. The collection consists of three lingerie and two sleepwear styles. The products are all made to order and ample customization from Swarovski crystals to to stitched  initials are available.


Prices start from $ 1,500 per set.

Rococo Dessous is a Switzerland and New York based luxury lingerie company.Gold is the heart of Rococo Dessous luxury lingerie line, designed with the world’s first 24 karat golg thread.  Rococo Dessous is currently available in stores and for private appointments inNew York, Switzerland, Monaco and Saint-Tropez. Their next market introductions will be in the Middle East and Russia later this year.

Enjoy this beautiful and expensive collection with your partner. You will look gorgeous.


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