Rotating Disco Ball Pizza Oven Design

15 March 2014

Rotating Disco Ball Pizza Oven Design

We all know the 70’s-80’s disco balls, but you never thought that they could turn into a rotating pizza oven right? Me neither.

But Austrian architect Lukas Galehr thougt about it and made it happen. Disco Volante’ pizzeria in Vienna is the proud owner of this innovative rotating disco ball pizza oven, and it looks like..guess what? Exactly, a gigantic disco ball.

The outer shell of this amazing pizza oven  is made from heat resistant concrete that was produced with CNC-milling technology and it was covered in approximately 7,500 specially made mirror tiles.

I bet you`re curious how the Rotating Disco Ball Pizza Oven looks like! So enough talking and let’s see it.

Rotating Disco Ball Pizza Oven Design

It is obvious to say that the latest opening of Maria Fuch, the Disco Volante, took the pizza making business to a whole new level with their new traditional pizza oven “dressed” as a giant mirrored disco ball.

Rotating Disco Ball Pizza Oven Design

Designed by Lukas Galehr, the interior of the pizzeria features beech wood church pews,  slick spartan interiors, black wooden tables, and of course, the giant rotating disco ball pizza oven.

Rotating Disco Ball Pizza Oven Design

Inside the rotating disco ball pizza oven, the pizza turns at one revolution per minute so this way the base of it will be evenly and perfectly cooked.

The restaurant has an industrial feel,that can also be perceived as soothing and restful, and is complimented by suspending lighting that recalls street lighting and the staff uniforms designed by Milena Heussler and Lucian Raimondi that resemble mechanics’ overalls.

Rotating Disco Ball Pizza Oven Design

During the day, the natural light entering the pizzeria bounces off the oversized disco ball oven and gives the darker corners of the room more light.

But near to sun setting, the lights in the pizzeria are dimmed and various spotlights are angled towards the ball, flooding the space with color, dressing the plain white walls and ceilings in flecks of pinks and blues.

All of these making the Disco Volante one of the most innovating pizzeria in the world.

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Photo Credits: Lukas Schaller