15 Ways the Royal Family Makes Money

20 March 2021

Aren’t We All Just a Little Bit Jealous of the Royals for Being So Rich? Find Out How They Make All That Money.

Tongues are wagging and people are talking. People want to know… how much did Harry and Meghan make in their explosive Oprah interview? And what else does the Royal family do to make money?

We’re about to find out the answers to both questions in today’s article – 15 Ways the Royal Family Makes Money.

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You, The Taxpayer

Aluxers, it could be the Imperial family of Japan, the Royal family of Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Morocco, Monaco, or Spain – royal families all generate an income from the tax that you pay every month.

Some royal families have taken severe advantage of tax-payers money, like the Thai government who budgeted $1 billion to finance the monarchy, 2020 into 2021, according to fortune.com. And in Thailand, it’s a violation to criticize the monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth, on the other hand, has been paying taxes since 1992 and her income derives from the Crown Estate and the Privy Purse.


Property Portfolio

Property generates a lot of additional income for royal families globally. We can’t go into every additional property each royal family member owns, but each property increases the monthly income a royal family member receives.

In Britain, the Queen does not own properties like Buckingham Palace, and if the sh*t hits the fan, she can’t sell it. It belongs to the crown. However, she does own Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House, which has been passed down for generations.

Here’s a detailed map of all the property owned by the British Royal family.

15 Ways The Royal Family Makes Money


They Have Regular Jobs

We’re not joking Aluxers, many Royal family members have regular Monday to Friday jobs just like we do.

For example:

  •         The late Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau in the Netherlands was a banker.
  •         Princess Eugenie is the director of an art gallery.
  •         Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece founded a clothing line.
  •         Prince Joachim of Denmark is a farmer.

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Owning Profitable Businesses

While some Royals are out working a 9 to 5, other Royals own and run their own companies.

For example, Prince Hans-Adam II from the Liechtenstein royal family gets most of his wealth from LTG Group, which is his family’s private bank. The prince controls the bank via a foundation.

The Dubai royal family, rumoured to be worth $18 billion, is ruled by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The sheikh is one of the founders of Dubai Holding, a financial services company, which is where he derives a large portion of his wealth from.

Let’s not forget one of the biggest money earners for royalty in the Middle East…

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Several royal families in the middle east make a fortune through oil reserves. Take Brunei for example. The Sultan, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, is worth $28 billion. He makes his fortune through the export of oil and natural gas.

The money gets spent on hundreds of Rolls Royce’s and $1.4 billion went into Istana Nurul Iman, the official residence of the Sultan.

Abu Dhabi’s royal family also derive most of their wealth from oil, amassing a fortune of $150 billion.



Many royal family members receive some form of inheritance. Princess Diana left the bulk of her fortune to Prince William and Prince Harry, with both boys receiving between $9 and $10 million.

Bbc.com also confirmed that Prince Harry received millions of pounds from his great-grandmother, the Queen Mother.

In Sweden, the Chief Financial Officer at the Court, Jan Lindman, also confirmed that, “The King, the Queen and their children have a financial fortune consisting of money they have inherited. That wealth consists of shares and bonds that generate dividends and capital gains and that is the basis of their normal income.”


Land Ownership

In our video, 15 business lessons from The Sopranos, we mentioned this quote, “Buy land, ‘cause God ain’t making any more of it.”

However, when you’re royalty, you don’t even have to buy – it’s yours automatically.

Prince Albert of Monaco is living a life of lavish luxury, where 32% of citizens living in Monaco are millionaires. His net worth is roughly $1 billion, and he owns about a quarter of the land in Monaco.

Queen Elizabeth owns 6.6 billion acres, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia owns 830,000 square miles and trailing behind is King Letsie 111 of Lesotho who owns 11,718 acres.


The Military

The list of royals that have served in the military is long. It includes Sultan Abdullah of Pahang, Malaysia, who served 42 years in military service. He became the colonel-in-chief of the Royal Malaysian Air Force and the commander-in-chief of the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco served in the military for 19 years, King Abdullah II of Jordan served for 18 years and King Mohammed VI of Morocco served in the military for 9 years.

Although it’s not clear how much they earned, yorkshirepost.co.uk reported that Prince Harry allegedly made $40,000 as a helicopter pilot during his time in the Army.


They Curb Expenditure

Aluxers, it’s not a one size fits all when it comes to blue blood line spending, and there are many ways in which royal families make money and save money.

Let’s take the Norwegian royal family for example. Considered to be one of the ‘poorer’ monarchies in Europe, the royal family are down to earth and don’t waste a lot of cash. They’re often seen on public transport, without security, and having a good time.

Even Norwegians have commented on their royal family, claiming, “Proud to be Norwegian when I hear and see this,” “Very personable, down to earth people. Had the pleasure of performing on violin for the king and queen a few years back, and also the previous king Olav.

They are so polite and non- intimidating,” and “The Norwegian King and Queen are such charming and sweet people. They seem to be so very much in love and how their caring with sweetness and humor. I love them,” as reported on tnp.no


Writing Books

Aluxers, we’re not sure exactly how much income is generated through the sale of books written by royalty, but these royal family members have all written a book.

Charlotte Casiraghi, who is eleventh in line to the throne of Monaco, wrote a philosophy book which is sadly only available in French.

Prince Charles has several books under his name, including a Ladybird Expert book called Climate Change.

Queen Rania of Jordan has written 4 children’s books. The books highlight the importance of acceptance and encourage female empowerment.

Princess Michael of Kent has written many books, including the Anjou Trilogy, three historical novels set in 15th-century France.

The Earl of Snowdon has released 3 books on furniture, his ultimate passion. Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece wrote a child’s book called Manners Begin at Breakfast and Sarah, Duchess of York has several titles under her crown too.

King Abdullah II of Jordan wrote Our Last Best Chance: The Pursuit of Peace in a Time of Peril, which you can hear for free when you go to alux.com/freebook.


Accumulated Wealth Before Marriage

It wasn’t a rags to riches story for Kate Middleton, who already came from a well-off family. The Middleton’s own Party Pieces, a party supply business with a net worth of roughly $50 million. Since she married Prince William, the businesses net worth has increased significantly.

Meghan Markle also had a significant net worth before meeting Prince Harry. She was reportedly earning $50,000 per episode of Suits.

If that money was invested well, income would also be generated with interest.


Selling Inside Info

Sure, it’s not the most stylish way to make money, but it works. You might remember the time when Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, was caught on tape making a 500,000-pound deal to sell info on her ex, Prince Andrew.

Fergie was in a huge amount of deft, especially after her U.S.-based lifestyle company, Hartmoor, went under. The press nicknamed her, “Duchess of Debt.”

She apologized saying, “I very deeply regret the situation and the embarrassment caused. It is true that my financial situation is under stress however, that is no excuse for a serious lapse in judgement and I am very sorry that this has happened.”

Aluxers, this is minor in comparison to other royal scandals and will be forgotten quicker than Fergie’s toe sucking incident!


Tourists and Branded Items

Aluxers, if you’ve visited England, you’ve probably been to Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace or Windsor Castle. Maybe you opted for Edinburgh Castle or the Tower of London instead.

And while you’re there, you’re probably buying a few postcards, some magnets and a stuffed toy of some sort.

All of those purchases and visits to royal abodes add to the bottom line of income generated by HRH.


Off-Shore Accounts and Bribes

We didn’t say all the ways the royal family are legit, and Spain found itself in the spotlight in 2020 when it came to light that former king, Juan Carlos, had offshore accounts and bribes linked to a high-speed rail contract, according to reuters.com.

The former king left for the Dominican Republic amidst the news that he had improper business deals in Saudi Arabia.

Similar allegations emerged from Morocco, where the royal family have been accused of using state institutions to “coerce and solicit bribes” in the countries real-estate sector. Businesses complained that “Holding company run by King Mohammed VI extracts bribes and concessions from real estate developers,” according to the guardian.com. That was over a decade ago, so hopefully things have improved since.


Charging for Interviews

Aluxers, we don’t know the exact amounts that many members of the royal family get paid for their interviews, but we do know that when Sarah Ferguson appeared on Oprah, it was said that she “had to make a living.” It leads us to believe that there is money exchanging hands, the exact amount, we’re not sure.

But it’s during these interviews that a lot is revealed, like Prince Charles not being able to confirm he was in love with Princess Diana, as well as admitting having an affair, and don’t forget the Duke of York saying he didn’t regret his friendship with Epstein!


Aluxers, what other way do you know of that the royal family make money? We’d love your input in the comments below.