10 Hollywood Celebrities Known To Be Rude

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10 Hollywood Celebrities Known To Be Rude

Welcome to the rude show! These are the 10 Hollywood celebrities known to be rude.

With celebrity comes fame, with fame money, and with money power. And if you have too much power you think you are entitled to everything. This is the main reason why celebrities are sometimes rude to their fans or the people around them.

If in pictures, movies or videos celebs seem happy and joyful, is better to know that not all of them are the same in real life.

Don’t be misguided by what you see, and don’t judge a book by its covers.

Let’s see how the celebs are in the real life!

1.Jennifer Lopez

The first rude celebrity is Jennifer Lopez.

The Jenny from the block seems like she did forget where she came from, and it’s only her who was fooled by the rocks that she has. The singer is known to be one of the hardest celebrities to work with, her having high demands.

She wants everybody working for her to be available 24/7, and refuses to directly communicate with other people, except for her staff. When asked what she would like to drink when travelling by plane, J.Lo didn’t reply to the stewardess herself. Instead, she told her staff what she wanted so they could order it for her.

She also insulted a flight-attendant’s shoes, after she didn’t made her an espresso. In 2012 Lopez allegedly got a maid fired from the hotel she was working at, because the poor woman asked for her autograph.

Not cool, J, not cool.

10 Hollywood Celebrities Known To Be Rude - Jennifer Lopez
10 Hollywood Celebrities Known To Be Rude – Jennifer Lopez

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