So You Think You Know Sean Connery?

20 April 2017

“The first ever James Bond”. Is that the best headline to describe Sir Sean Connery?

For movie fans, especially the 007’s fans, the answer is probably yes. The stories of Sean Connery did start and evolve around his role as James Bond. And we are going to discuss some of the most intriguing ones right here on this article.

Born on August 25th, 1930, Sean’s name is still as popular if not more popular even decades after his last James Bond movie. That is remarkable considering his retirement from the big screen.

He did not just won people’s hearts through his charm and cool 007 actions, but he also won some of the most prestigious awards. Among them are BAFTA and the penultimate Academy Award.

With decades of topnotch acting experiences in his bag, can you tell how rich he has become? What have he done with all of the money he got? And how did he get to this point? We cover the answers on these following fifteen pages. So, as you go through each page, you’ll get to know Sean Connery more and more.

15. How did he start it all?

15 Things You Didn't Know about Sean Connery | #15. How did he start it all?
15 Things You Didn’t Know about Sean Connery | #15. How did he start it all? | source: inspiremore.com

Who would have thought that small kid could grow up to be one of the sexiest men alive? There is no denying that to be casted as James Bond, one must have a good physical appearance. Sean Connery is no exception.

But before all the fame and all the good look, Sean worked all kinds of odd jobs. His first job was as a milkman. Yup, the secret agent was delivering milk in his hometown, Edinburgh. Then he was a coffin polisher, bricklayer, and even a nude model for art students. But those were after he got discharged from the navy.

Sean Connery served the Royal Navy, just like James Bond. In fact, he is the only James Bond actor who did so. But he was discharged on medical grounds due to a medical condition suffered by most men in his family.

He found his way through acting when he worked as one of the backstage crews at the King’s Theater. And during a bodybuilding competition, a fellow competitor told him about an audition for South Pacific. He got a small role and his career was begun in the 1950s.

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