10 Reasons why SubliMotion Costs $2,000 per Person

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SubliMotion is the world’s most expensive restaurant. Here are the reasons why…

Ibiza is a famous tourist destination for its nightclubs. SubliMotion sneaked up on the nightlife and burst through as the world’s most expensive restaurant.

How much are you willing to pay for dinner in a restaurant? Average cost for fine dining is $200 with three to four courses.

To have the SubliMotion’s gastronomic experience, it will cost you more than $2,000 (official price: €1,500). That is ten times more expensive than the average!

I’m not going to spill out the beans here. You have to see it for yourself. So, here it is, the ten reasons why dining at SubliMotion worth more than $2,000.

10. You can only find it in Ibiza, Spain

The Secrets Behind World's Most Expensive Restaurant Ibiza
Ibiza, Spain | source: ibiza-spotlight.com

You cannot pull off the most expensive restaurant in a less famous tourism spot. Ibiza has been developing a lot and it becomes one of the world’s main destinations for nightlife entertainment.

Besides that, Ibiza is also one of the world’s heritage sites. Those add up to the fact that Ibiza offers you both great beach getaway vacation and world class nightlife entertainment.

This small island is located in the Balearic Sea. You cannot argue with the beauty of Sant Antonio Bay. Ibiza’s beaches will spoil you with mesmerizing scenery and privacy.

The place is also known as the birth place of Christopher Columbus and as the place where Phoenician historical sites lies. With all of this uniqueness, Ibiza definitely boosts SubliMotion’s luxury.

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