Sexiest Accents in the World

13 January 2015

Sexiest Accents in the World | TOP 10

Which are the sexiest accents in the world? The ones that make you feel goosebumps.

The best feature when you are choosing a partner. If your accent is one of the sexiest from our list, you more likely get more girls/guys.

Am I right? I love when ma’ man has a cute accent. It is part of his personality and the thing that makes him special.

It is the same thing with girls. If we have accents guys like us. It’s a fine feature to have.

When you hear someone talk is accent a big up or down?

Which one is your favorite accent? Keep in mind that every accent is unique in its way, just like us individuals.

An accent is part of your identity and it’s the thing that connects us to where we were raised. With over 200 countries in the world and an estimated 6,500 languages in use today is hard to pick just ten.

But we made it! A list where the sexiest and seductive accents are present. A list you’ll love!

Let’s get started our top 10 Sexiest Accents in the World!

10. American

American accent is quite common and not that special. Although the North American accent is often admired for its clarity and neutrality, the rest of them are just … ordinary.

But sometimes ordinary can be good, right? It seems that the New York accent is on the second place after the North American one.

“Sounds” interesting, heh? Down below you’ll find a video of Emma Watson speaking with American accent.


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