Which Actor/Actress Portrayed The Sexiest Superhero?

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Righteous superhero is old school. Today, it is all about the sexiest superhero.

Since Spiderman the movie, there have been so many superhero movies and series on screen. Compared to the old movies, they have enhanced impressively. Besides the technology, the good look of the superhero has improved as well. Hence, we are in the era of the sexiest superhero.

Whether it is simply their good look, their suits, their attitude, or their heroic action, these superheroes appeal sexier than any other superheroes on screen. Perhaps the secret lies in the actor or actress itself.

Besides looking good, these actors and actresses take another advantage of being the embodiment of childhood superheroes: big paycheck and mounting net worth.

Take a look at these 10 sexiest superhero from both movie screen and TV. It was a tough decision to pick among those good looking heroes but here they are…

10. Mystique – Jennifer Lawrence

Who is the Sexiest Superhero on Screen? Mystique - Jennifer Lawrence | source: moviepilot.com
Who is the Sexiest Superhero on Screen? Mystique – Jennifer Lawrence | source: moviepilot.com

Our first sexiest superhero is Mystique. The blue mutant from X-Men. Among three actresses who have portrayed this unique character, we pick Jennifer Lawrence as the sexiest.

From the first franchise of X-Men, Mystique is characterized as a villain. But from the latest franchise, the younger X-Men, we learned that she was misguided and made bad decisions in her life.

From the trailer of the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, we can assume that Mystique is finally turning into the good guy side. She was seen fighting among Professor Xavier against the Apocalypse.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique blue body looks so sexy. Especially when she makes Mystique’s signature move, one leg up to the throat. This and a lot more of her other actions gave her $52 million of net worth. You go, girl!

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