What Kind of Men Do Female Athletes Date?

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You’ve heard about WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends). Now let us introduce you to HABs (Husbands and Boyfriends) of female athletes.

Athletes, both male and female, have certain way of attraction. They look good and they are fit. When it comes to female athletes, sexiness has been brought into a new level.

It has become the public’s secret that male athletes date hot women (mostly models). If you think about it, they sort of have the similar type. So, what about female athletes?

It is common for athletes to date fellow athletes. But when their love crosses over to the entertainment world, it gets interesting.

Some female athletes have chosen sexy males to match their hotness as they stand side by side. We picked up ten of those sexy men who have been involved in a romantic way with some female athletes.

10. Ricky Stenhouse (dating Danica Patrick)

These Sexy Men Dated Female Athletes: Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (dating Danica Patrick) | source: wordpress.com
These Sexy Men Dated Female Athletes: Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (dating Danica Patrick) | source: wordpress.com

Danica Patrick is a female race car driver. When adrenaline meets smoking hot body, there is nothing else sexier. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. must have witnessed that as he has been in a relationship with Danica since 2013.

Danica is hot, hot, and hot. You can see her in one of Jay-Z’s music videos. She is also a model and an advertising spokeswoman for DRIVE4COPD. It carries an awareness campaign for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Ricky is also a race car driver. He is a two-time NASCAR champion. Both Ricky and Danica compete in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. They were both nominated for Rookie of the Year in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Before Ricky, Danica was married to her physical therapist for seven years. The couple got divorced in 2012. About one year after, Ricky came in to mend her broken heart.

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