10 Shocking Fetishes of Celebrities

8 June 2015

2. Ricky Martin – Golden Showers

That is another shocking and weird fetish celebrities enjoy. Like how can you enjoy this?! I’m not judging or anything but c’mon!

He said in 2006 that he loves Golden Shower. If you don’t know what a Golden Shower is, a Golden Shower is when one person urinates on another person for sexual pleasure.

He said: “I love giving the Golden Shower – I’ve done it before in the shower. It’s like so sexy, you know the temperature of your body and the shower water is very different.”

Not long after he made these comments, Ricky Martin tried to retract his comments due to the controversy they started. Everyone knows that yellow keeps you mellow.

10 Shocking Fetishes of Celebrities
10 Shocking Fetishes of Celebrities
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