15 Signs You Found the Love of Your Life

16 December 2020

True Love Is Worth Waiting a Life-Time for. If You’ve Finally Found It, Look for These Signs to Confirm.

There is little confusion when you first meet someone and start falling for them.  The butterflies and excitement, the goosebumps and instant heat at their touch overwhelm your every sense. But what is harder to decipher is whether or not your new bae is THE ONE.

So how do you know if you have met your match and you should delete your Tinder account for good? Well we made a list of 15 Signs You Found the Love of Your Life

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Surely if you’re in love, you wouldn’t want a boring read to bust your vibe. Here’s the video version of this article:

With that in place, let’s get things going.


You Balance Each Other Out

A relationship is a ying and a yang. As much as there is enough that matches, there is also a flow or balance that makes it work. It’s what makes you different that balances you and brings out the best in each other.

If one of you is super organised and takes things seriously, then the other might be able to break the tension with their goofy antics and go with the flow. This is a far better combination for a well-rounded home life than two jokers or two army sergeants.


Your Values Align

While you might be opposite in personality type, or the way you get things done. When it comes to the fundamentals you know you have found your match when you agree on what is important. Finding someone whose values align with yours will mean that although one of you likes spicey food, and the other doesn’t, you don’t have to compromise when it comes to the things that make you you.

Like your approach to charity, or how you want to start a family, or your political or moral views that are unlikely to change. Another important value is lifestyle. If one of you wants to spend every weekend outdoors while the other prefers to mooch around a mall then it’s going to be a constant compromise.

Figure out fast if it’s a matter of the person not having had exposure to different experiences. Or if they truly dislike the things you like.


You Can Handle Their Worst

They say if you want to get to truly know someone you should see how they deal with slow internet. It’s these kinds of scenarios that bring out our worst. You know you have found the love of your life when you have seen them at their worst and you still think that they are amazing.

At the end of the day we all have our sh*t. When you find someone whose sh*t you can handle and vice versa, then you have found your match. Loving someone despite their sh*t is the biggest gift of love you can give someone.

To truly define someone’s worst and best, knowing how to set expectations is important. Check out 10 Things Powerful Women Want From Their Partners.


You Love Being Together, but Also Apart

Being in a loving partnership means that there is enough room for two healthy individuals. Part of what makes us autonomous is having interests and hobbies of our own, and other friendships and time apart for each other.

Matchmaking professional, Alyssa Park, who works at Three Day Rule Matchmaking explains it like this: “The best pairings are the ones where both partners feel secure enough with each other to support their partner’s passions outside of the relationship. Whether you’re picking up a new hobby or hanging out with friends and family, you’re growing as an individual and bring that sense of self and growth back into your relationship.”

In other words being together is a lot about being able to be together… apart!


Its Electric Between You

Chemistry is king. It’s almost an involuntary response when it’s the right match. All the stuff of movies and Shakespeare’s sonnets comes true. Weak knees, all consuming, never enough, soul awakening, goose bump, electric current stuff.

It’s something that only you can know, but when you know…you’ll know!


Silence Is Golden

When you’re with the right person you don’t have to fill the silences or even fill your time with action packed activities. The act of just being together in each other’s company is enough.

The true test of compatibility is just being happy and comfortable doing the normal everyday things, and not having to say a whole lot to be understood. That feeling is worth all the kind words in the world.


You Fight Fair and Learn From It

There is no such thing as a conflict-less relationship, well not a healthy one anyway. A sign that you’ve found your match is that you can argue without it getting ugly. The goal of expressing a difference of opinion shouldn’t be to steam roll the other party but rather to resolve the disagreement in a constructive way.

Discussing your different perspectives can help bring you closer and help you understand the other person. If your fights are fair and make you stronger on the other side of them, then you’re fighting with the right person!


You Can Let Your Guard Down

When you’ve met your match you will feel comfortable enough to let your guard down. You won’t be on those first date tender hooks for very long. If this is your soulmate you’re sitting across from your best friend, your buddy, and your number one supporter. You should be able to show all your shades of weird and awkward without feeling it counts against you.


They Challenge You to Want to Be Better

Your soul mate loves all of you, don’t get us wrong. But the right person for you won’t be afraid to challenge you to improve your blind spots and weaknesses. After all, if they’re your soul mate they’re signing up for the long run and don’t want to see you keep stumbling.

We show the ones we love how much we love them by helping them to grow so that they don’t struggle with the same challenges time and again, but rather rise above them and live a better life.


It Felt Familiar Right Away

One of the first signs most people notice when meeting their soul mate is how automatically comfortable it is. It often feels like you have known them forever. It’s as if your soul suddenly recognises its missing piece. It sounds corny, but most people who have met their soul mate describe it like this, it’s almost a feeling of dejavu.

Carmen Harra, a psychologist and author of “The Karma Queens’ Guide to Relationships” describes it as “an uncanny sense of closeness right from the start. His or her touch, scent, taste, comportment, language ? will be comforting and recognizable to you.” Now isn’t that a nice thought to have when you’re still on the look for your perfect match.


Affection Comes Naturally

From the start being affectionate with the right fit is easy. It’s not something you really have to think about. You want to put your arm around them, or give them a love tap on their bum, or nuzzle into them on the couch. It feels natural to hold hands, and the chair next to them always feels like the one you want to be in when you’re with your match.

What’s even more remarkable is that between two hot blooded people who are completely attracted to each other, these little advances aren’t motivated to initiate sex. And don’t get me wrong, sex with your soul mate will be hot and heavy and happening, but affection is just the physical bubbling over of your internal love, and no matter how long you have been together, it never gets old.


You Feel Each Other’s Pain and Joy

Finding your soul mate is a lot like finding someone to experience all the highs and lows with. Often you experience your partners disappointments as deeply as they do. And when something great happens it’s as if you share in each other’s glory. This united experience is such a beautiful part of the experience of finding the person who carries your heart in theirs.


You’re Okay With Being Vulnerable With Them

When you find your soul mate you have found a safe space for the tenderest parts of you. They will respect and help you deal with the parts of hurt in you that when triggered can cause you immense emotional pain.

You know you have found a keeper when you can be vulnerable enough to share these parts of you and you don’t feel exposed or scared that they will use them against you. When you know your secret is safe with them and you have someone to go to who understands when you needs some gentle care, treat them with the same respect.


You Teach Each Other and Grow

You have found the love of your life when they both love exactly who you are and don’t want you to change, but still encourage you to change for the better.

Your soul mate can be your greatest teacher if you let them. They can challenge you, drive you nuts and ignite great passion in you, all with the comfort of knowing that you are completely loved.

If you have found someone who makes you want to be a better version of yourself, then you’re lucky. Don’t see their challenges as a dig, but rather as someone who can see your blind spots and is willing to do the work with you. This isn’t time to end a relationship with them, this is time to lean in and let them help you.


It’s Easy

While any relationship in life takes work, it shouldn’t be a task that drains you. When you have met the love of your life, for the most part your relationship should come easy. Naturally there will be some bumps along the way, but if you’re in a series of highs and lows then you’re leaning towards toxic territory.

Finding the love of your life is often an easy friendship that grows into a strong and natural bond that isn’t easy to shake when you hit a snag or disagree. It doesn’t threaten the fabric of the universe or question your love for each other. Forget all the drama you see on TV, embrace the happiness of easy love.


What are you looking for in a soul-mate?

Or how did you know when you had met your match?