10 Situations When Women Think Like Men

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10 Situations When Women Think Like Men

There are many speculations out there about women, but I’m here to break them down with the most common situations when women think like men.

We’ve been trained to think that women are the weaker sex, the needy ones and not at all that sexually active as men are. Well, that’s a bunch of lies!

Of course, exceptions exist and there are some women that find themselves in what I said before, but most of us are far away from all that!

Times have changed and nowadays the millennial women love sex just as much as men do or maybe even more, we like to swear and we don’t really need cheesy gestures.

All in all, women are more like men than you can possibly imagine and let me just prove it to you.

10.Sometimes we just want sex

You got that right, guys, don’t be so surprised.

Yes, I’m well aware of the rumors out there that women don’t know the meaning of “no strings attached”. And most of the guys are terrified of what’s coming after sex, that we’ll hunt them down waving a wedding ring.

Oh, you’re so naive.

Let me break this to you: at some point women actually do enjoy casual relationships and don’t want anything else rather than sex from you. No smooshy texts, no goodnight kisses, no useless hugs, just sex.

Whether it’s because we’re working our asses off for a promotion or just rebounding after a failed relationship, at the end of an exhausting day we really don’t need to talk to you, we’ve got our girlfriends for that. We expect one simple thing from you: come get the naughty job done and then leave.

Ok, we’ll probably accept a bottle of wine, too.

Situations When Women Think Like Men | Image Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/
10 Situations When Women Think Like Men | Image Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/
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