Why Smart Rich Men Don’t Settle just for Beauty

14 April 2014

Why Smart Rich Men Don’t Settle just for Beauty

Money, success and fame are all strong indicators for someone who know what he wants, works hard and puts in incredible amounts of time towards achieving them so it should be obvious that the type of man who has all this figured out will not settle just for beauty.

The truth is, the number of women that think the exact opposite is on the rise and sadly for most of them, they’ll end up with the little fish never figuring out what exactly they did wrong.

Smart men appreciate beauty in all of its forms and although we’re very prone toward judging a book by its cover, there’s a certain point in the development of an individual from which the cover is definitely not enough.

Most smart rich men look at this type of beauty as something they can buy, that’s why they spend so much money on art, fancy cars, bigger than they need houses, beauty is something material and can be bought and hang on the wall or in the parking lot for personal pleasure or to rise the envy of those close by.

Even when talking art Beauty is not the main factor why people desire it, there are plenty of very beautiful paintings that are worth close to nothing, the real value is in scarcity (if everyone had an original Picasso painting they wouldn’t be worth much), the story behind it (Why is this different from all the other ones out there) and interest factor ( If anyone can have it, I don’t want it! How many people want it and what level are they?).

The world is full of beautiful women that is why beauty is no longer enough.

“Beauty is no longer enough!”

Successful men didn’t get there by chance and from a financial stand-point is just doesn’t make sense.

Why? Well because your beauty is a depreciating asset, if beauty is the only thing you’re bringing to the table then the investment doesn’t make sense on the long-haul. In 10-15 years your beauty most likely will diminish or fade away, while his net worth will probably keep on rising.

If you traded Beauty for Money you’re a replaceable asset and it makes sense to be replaced with the newest model the same way we do with our cars.

This blog post isn’t objectifying women, women have been doing this to themselves for a while now. If beauty & sex are the only things you’re offering make sure you understand you’re at a disadvantage.

We’re living in an age where perception matters more than before but let’s look at the following example:

fake tan fake hair fake boobs fake nails fake lips fake butt and I want a real man to respect me for my brains Why Smart Rich Men Don't Settle just for Beauty

In order to be respected you need to act apart. Any successful man will look at this and think:

I’d maybe tap that once, but we both know she’s not worth more than that!

Everything comes easier when you have good looks Why Smart Rich Men Don't Settle just for BeautyAlthough everything so far in your life came easier because people always wanted to be in your grace due to your good looks, sophisticated men will look beyond the packaging, for something that vibes with their emotional state.

There comes a point in which you need to start setting yourself apart. People with a certain financial status take pride in everything that they do and in the people they surround themselves with.

Successful men want true value not artificially created beauty, they want strong independent women and contrary to the general belief, settling for a trophy wife is a last resort measure announcing to the world that you failed at finding someone worth loving and trusting.

“But I’m surrounded only by superficial guys that just want to F* me!”

Guess what? You’re the only one to blame for that!

Your low standards when it comes to men, your friends that are in the exact similar situation as you, the places your spend most of your time, the way you dress and talk, all of this makes you look easy. All of these are red flags in the eyes of any self-respecting man.

Successful men value their time and take great pride in seducing a woman not by showering her with gifts but discovering her, learning more about her passions and establishing a deeper level of connection.

So the next time you hit on a “hot-catch” and things don’t go the way you wanted maybe it’s time to reconsider your position and no, I’m not talking about sitting longer on your knees.

Your lowest standards should match his otherwise the deal will never close.

I don’t expect this post to change your view or tell you how one should live life I’m just trying to provide you with a clear explanation on why this is happening.

I know it’s a lot more text than usual but the next time such a girl wonders why she got rejected you can just point her to this article.