Smartest Soccer Players | Top 10

14 August 2014

Smartest Soccer Players | Top 10

On the field of soccer you need some unique skills to be the best, but nobody knows in fact how smart are you, that’s why we want to present a list of unique players who beside the ball, they picked up some books and became the smartest soccer players.

These are football players who beside the actual soccer field and ball, know more and worked hard to keep both knowledge and sports on their side.

So if you ever wondered who are the guys, who had the best grades, or who could have an amazing job if they weren’t soccer players, you are in the right place because in the following we are going to discover some great minds of the football world.

This means that the smartest soccer players have to be able to mix their practice time and playing time with other activities that makes them quench the thirst for knowledge.

So imagine them joggling between training hours and classes or imagine that from the start they had a harder time coping with two major hobbies.

But it doesn’t matter what they did to be so smart and what were their challenges, it only matters that these guys are the smartest soccer players and the football world can be replaced with any other thing depending on the IQ of the player.

Some of them even left the football game behind, using their knowledge to become more famous or make more money.

And some of them discovered that after soccer you can do more if in the youth days you didn’t abandon the school or classes to play only football.

So let’s go and see who are the smartest soccer players and what makes them so smart->

10. Marouane Chamakh

The first candidate for the smartest soccer players in the world is Marouane Chamakh a practising Muslim and a Moroccan football player.

The striker from the Moroccan national team and from the English Premier League team Crystal Palace is a figure who is known for the fact that he is the man who you can rely on when it comes to goals.

With great heading ability and tall stature, qualities needed for a striker, this young soccer player started the professional football career in the 2002-2003 season when he started to play regularly for the French team in Bordeaux.

Raised from a former footballer, the former Arsenal player, stated that he was an adept of good grades and that he liked learning at school.

So far so good, for the Moroccan player and school was something normal for him, attending a french high school during his early years at Bordeaux.

After earning a Baccalaureate in accounting which he finished proudly with high grades, he made his first political review.

If accounting wasn’t the best solution for him regarding a job after soccer, we can say he could do great in politics.

He showed interest in politics and he made heard his political view in the 2010 regional elections when he started to support the Democratic Movement political party.

Even listed as a candidate for the Aquitaine region, he made clear that politics is a subject that he is very interested in and made it clear that he can do something else beside soccer.

So for number 10 soccer came first, then school which in the end managed to direct him in different ways, creating other opportunities and connections.

Smartest Soccer Players | Top 10
Marouane Chamakh

The next players was a straight A student->

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