10 Luxury Spas In Bangkok Where You Are Spoiled Like Nowhere Else

16 April 2015

Spas In Bangkok Where You Must Book A Treatment

Traveling to Asia and passing through Bangkok is a rare occasion that is why you should try some of the spas in Bangkok that are famous all around the world for their treatments.

Jet lagged, tired after a long business meeting or just in the need of a calm and relaxing time, these are 10 of the luxury spas in Bangkok where you are spoiled like nowhere else.

Deserving the best for your body, you have to book a treatment at one of these ten spas in Bangkok, famously know around the world for the best care for the customers in all of Asia.

Let’s see which are the best luxury spas in Bangkok, where can you find them and what is so fantastic about them.

10. Opium Spa

For our first stop in the capital of Thailand we go to The Siam Hotel, a traditional style hotel, where we found Opium Spa.

Equipped with all the necessary things, the spa invites the traveler in a world of privilege, where he can relax so that his body should feel the fascinating effects of their exclusive products and treatments.

Choosing from facial and body therapies, massage and spa packages, the Opium Spa also features a treatment plan for the young ones.

Private and intimate, with traditional surroundings, you are spoiled with high quality products, while the personal trainers, therapist and yoga instructors are trained to help you stay healthy and fit, de-stressing all your body parts.

#10 Opium Spa | Spas In Bangkok | Image Source: chopsticksandthecity.wordpress.com
#10 Opium Spa | Spas In Bangkok | Image Source: chopsticksandthecity.wordpress.com
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