Top 10 Sport Events Cash Prize per Player

15 April 2016

9. FIFA World Cup (Football): $1.3 million

Top 10 Sport Events Cash Prize per Player | FIFA World Cup (Football): $1.3 million
FIFA World Cup (Football): $1.3 million | source: vg247.com

Next up is the greater scale of football tournament, the FIFA World Cup. Just like UEFA Euro, this is also a once in a four year tournament. The participants are the best 32 football representatives of all countries in the world.

Each of these countries gets $1.5 million for participating. Unlike UEFA Euro, the cash prize for the world cup is given once the country settles its final position in the tournament.

The participants eliminated from group stage will get $8 million cash prize each. The prize gets higher to $9 million for Round of 16 and $14 million for Quarter Final. The 4th place will get $18 million, 3rd place $20 million, and runner up $25 million.

As for the winning country, $35 million cash prize will be awarded. Divided among the players, including the substitutes, each of the get approximately $1.3 million.

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