Top 15 States with Most Expensive Land Prices in the US

23 November 2016

Does United States really need to be made great again? It surely doesn’t if we look at these states’ most expensive land prices.

Of course, whether that statement is true or false depends on our perspective. Some people think high land price reflects the country’s wealth. And some other thinks it is the opposite without the proper balance from the people’s wealth. Yet some don’t even think that the price of land says anything about it at all. Regardless, it is worth to see which states of the US have the most expensive land prices.

So, what defines the value of land? The answer varies from its agricultural quality, suburban and urban development, or simply the level of demands in the market.

However, we can figure out that states with larger rural areas tend to have lower value relative to their size. In this case, population density plays its part, just like in determining cities’ most expensive property price.

We estimated the land value of these fifteen states based on a study on its several property types, such as agricultural areas, suburban and urban, federal land, ad residential. So, let’s find out which state has the highest land value across United States.

15. New Hampshire ($20,000 per acre)

Top 15 States with Most Expensive Land Prices in the US | #15. New Hampshire ($20,000 per acre)
Top 15 States with Most Expensive Land Prices in the US | #15. New Hampshire ($20,000 per acre) | source: maplogs.com

On 15th place we have New Hampshire with estimated value of land around $20,000 per acre. With 5.7 million acres of land available in this Granite State, it is the sixth smallest state in United States. This means its total land value is only the 7th lowest among other states, with $114 billion.

Spread across the state’s area, there are more than one million inhabitants. Among them are Adam Sandler, Sarah Silverman, Mandy Moore, and Dan Brown. So, in terms of population density, New Hampshire’s is low. It is ranked 21st with 147 people per one square mile.

Has this state’s land value done any justice to its property price?

Of course it all depends on the type of property itself, including its topography and location. But to paint you a picture, here are some actual prices of property for sale in New Hampshire:

  • 200 acres of valley tract with extensive sand and gravel resources in Merrimack County is on sale for $1.2 million.
  • A 0.06-acre house in the same county, with three bedrooms and three bathrooms is on sale for $246,900.

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